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  •  View from the Observation Deck   The old axiom in the stock market about selling your stocks at the close of April and then buying back in at the start […]
  •  View from the Observation Deck Investors directing capital into U.S. mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) continued to favor passive investing over active management for the 12-month period ended […]
  •  View from the Observation Deck For today’s post, we compare the cumulative total returns of several utility and infrastructure-related indices to that of the S&P 500 Index between 10/12/22 (the start […]
  •  View from the Observation Deck   Today's blog post illustrates the wide disparities that often exist between the annual price performance of an ounce of gold bullion, silver, and the […]
  •  View from the Observation Deck One of the most common questions we field on an ongoing basis is the following: What are your favorite sectors? Today’s blog post is one […]

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