Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Affluent individuals and families face a broad array of needs as they navigate through their finances and other challenges. Wealth management is designed to help those who have worked hard, invested along the way, and accumulated a nest egg worth a significant amount. Along with that accumulated wealth come unique needs beyond traditional financial planning. ClearPath Advisory Group can help you manage your wealth to meet your objectives. We help you partner with CPAs and attorneys to plan wills, trusts, and tax management strategies.

Our portfolios are constructed based on each client’s unique goals and objectives, using a mix of investment styles, strategies, and managers to create diversified portfolios.

What’s Important to You?

What are your investment goals and objectives? What will it take to achieve them? Your Financial Advisor will consult with you to gain an in-depth knowledge of your needs and investment objectives. That’s because an investment program is more than focusing on investment returns, it also requires an understanding of your preferences as an investor and your tolerance for risk.

Your Financial Advisor will ask specific questions to help you assess your priorities. So talk about things that are really important to you: the care of an aging parent, your retirement, college education or wedding plans for your children, or charity and community concerns.